Sheffield like many other major cities has a growing population and a growing demand for new homes.

Around 2000 homes are needed in the city per year over the next 5 years for the young, older people, families and those who are vulnerable. These homes need to be either homes for sale or to rent.

The new homes delivery plan, launched this week, aims to meet these needs which will mean that people in Sheffield will live in good quality, affordable, safe and secure homes.

The plan will:

  • Maintain the current level of homes being built and improve the range on offer.
  • See the building of these 2,000 new homes, which will include over 725 new affordable homes per year for the next 5 years to meet housing need.
  • See the council working with the public and private sector to deliver the much needed homes.
  • Support the council’s intention to prioritise brownfield land to bring back into use land that has not been used for many years.
  • Bring existing empty housing back into use.

Building more homes will mean that it will be easier to free up and make the best use of the city’s existing stock. Many people are struggling to afford to live in a home that they can afford across all types and tenures of housing. The council will work with the private and public sector to address the significant shortfall in affordable homes for rent and the under-occupancy in many areas.

The plan can be downloaded from the SCC website.