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Property requirements for 2024

If you’ve got something to sell we want to hear from you. Please email details of your proposal to sites@tonycarroll.co.uk

All property development and investment sectors are of interest, in particular we’re looking for residential development land, student accommodation, co-living, BTR / PRS, city centre regeneration, city and suburban retail, industrial, warehouse, and roadside A3.

We don’t mind if the property doesn’t have planning permission. In fact, we often prefer to create our own schemes or find ways to enhance or change an existing planning permission. We have an excellent design and development team that has an enviable track record of creating value where others see problems.

We do not rely on bank finance, and often buy properties without planning so that you can receive quick payment on completion. Introduction fees are available for opportunities that we are not aware of.


We like being trailblazers.  We see opportunity where others only see dereliction and decay. Every problem has a solution – it’s just waiting to be found and we have spent decades finding and implementing those solutions. Our projects are often the first one that kicks off a whole new regeneration so we’re open to fresh ideas that might seem

Development Sites

We urgently need land and buildings which are suitable for development. Greenfield or brownfield is equally attractive to us including city centres, university campuses, suburbs, pit villages and council estates.

Housing Land

Housing land is our bread and butter so we take it very seriously. We buy land with or without planning consent, in town or the country. Unlike most buyers we love council estates and pit villages where we can make a real difference to build even stronger communities where local people can stay local instead of being priced out of the area.


We have requirements for commercial grade freehold properties with incomes (or potential) of £50k – £500k pa regardless of the type, location, location, condition, yield or price. We’ll also look at property where there is an longer term opportunity to break up the asset to create a more resilient set of investments.