Lord Heseltine’s report: No stone unturned in the pursuit of growth from last year accurately drew a picture of the UK that is divided… London + The Rest.

What we need here isn’t more support for what has become quaintly known as “the regions”, we simply need HMG to focus less on their Westminster doorstep to reverse a century of centralisation.

London can fend for itself, and it should be left to do so. The people and business outside London aren’t less capable. If anything they have become more resourceful to survive in an environment where you can’t charge what you like simply for being there.

It’s not only bad for the UK, it’s actually bad for everything inside the M25 where people feel locked in and afraid that if they move out they won’t be able to afford to get back.

Today is budget day in the UK and Michael Heseltine has been doing the rounds of studios beforehand. His frank and refreshing appearance a short while ago on the BBC Today programme with Evan Davies might be a precursor of what is to follow later today. Let’s hope so.